Common PDR Myths

There’s a lot of misinformation and myths out there about the Paintless Dent Repair method (PDR)…

For a number of years, the Motor Repair Industry have studied PDR methods.

The results have been so positive that today all major Insurance Companies recommend the use of PDR in hail repairs as well as accident damaged motor vehicles.

Paintless Dent Repair can be traced back to the early 1920’s where it is believed BMW initially used the technique in its German Manufacturing Factories. Today Motor Vehicle Manufacturers use PDR to remove small dents during the production process. The Ford Motor Company is reported to have been using this procedure on its assembly lines as far back as the 1950’s.

In this post, we are going to explain common PDR myths and get the truth behind the process.

There are many misconceptions around paintless dent repair and we wanted to separate the facts from fiction.


The vehicle paint will be damaged or cracked by the Paintless Dent Repair process FALSE.

TRUTH Metal and paint used in modern vehicles is more flexible and malleable, and that allows the dent to be massaged out.

Hail has chipped or scratched the vehicle’s paint FALSE.

TRUTH – Hailstones are encased in water, leaving a dent but the paintwork is unaffected.

Hail has chipped a customer’s windscreenFALSE.

TRUTH – Hailstones are encased in water and will not chip the glass.

Dents will come back after Paintless Dent Repairs FALSE.

TRUTH – Metal has a memory and wants to go back to its previous shape. Dents successfully repaired by PDR, do not return.

Dents are sucked out FALSE

TRUTH Dents are mostly massaged out from the underside of the panel by highly skilled technicians using special tools and techniques.

Paintless Dent Repair is the best option for hail repairs as it maintains the originality of the vehicle and done correctly is totally invisible. This is the quickest way to get vehicles back on the road.


New Vehicle manufacturers use Paintless Dent Repair on brand new/ unsold vehicles affected by hail or transit damage before they are shipped all over the world.


All PDR repairs performed by PHMS come with a lifetime guarantee.


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