PHMS Customer Story – Jill

WHEN a severe storm hit the Sunshine Coast on November 12 last year, hailstones the size of cricket balls battered the car Jill Guilfoyle considers her “baby”.

The 2010 white Honda Civic Sedan received a couple of dozen dents in the bonnet, the roof and the boot.

Jill and her husband Peter had just moved to Sippy Downs that weekend and found themselves in the path of the unfolding hailstorm.

“My son has a V8 Mercedes and has already had one car written off with hail damage, so you can imagine which car was going into the garage – it wasn’t the Honda,” Jill joked.

The Honda was instead parked as close to the house as possible, under the overhanging eaves for protection. Unfortunately, the car received severe storm damage.

Jill said most of the dents were able to be repaired with PHMS’s non-evasive “massaging” from the inside because the paintwork hadn’t been affected. However, one large dent near the windscreen, required the roof to have some paintwork completed by the PHMS specialist Painting Team.

“PHMS were going to originally repair the car at the Forest Glen Facility but at the time, I couldn’t manage to get there,” Jill said. “I kept putting it off but I was impressed with how they kept in touch. They were very good. The director himself, Robert, came from the Gold Coast to Sippy Downs and checked the car thoroughly. He was very efficient and just a lovely man.”

Jill saw the well-drilled PHMS team in action at Forest Glen and was able to watch a video over a cup of coffee of the dent removal procedure.

“They’re so thorough,” she said. “I’m very impressed with the company. I couldn’t speak highly enough of my insurer, RACQ, either. All were wonderful.”

A hire car was organised through her insurance and two weeks later, Jill had her “baby” back – washed and vacuumed as well. The personalised service is where PHMS really shines in Jill’s eyes.

“The staff themselves were brilliant,” she enthused. “They kept in contact with updates. They’re very committed. It makes you feel like you’re special. They organised a truck to collect and return it. I didn’t have to do anything.”

The finished product after the repairs passed her son’s test. Jill said her son was “very pedantic” about car repairs and had gone over the Honda “with a fine-tooth comb”. “He couldn’t fault it,” she said. “The car looks perfect.”

PHMS followed up with a phone call to ensure Jill was completely satisfied. She’s ecstatic!

“It’s not just the workmanship, it’s the contact between the client and the business,” she said. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a company that committed to a job. Well done! I’d recommend them to anybody.”