Protecting Your Vehicle

Protect Your Vehicle

Get Ready Queensland is a government run program helping Queenslanders prepare for natural disasters.  Here is an article they have produced which covers the highlights that the best plan is being prepared.

As we all know, vehicles are one of our most essential possessions in our life. With that being said there is no denying that protecting them from hail and storms should be a priority during the storm season. Every year severe storms, flooding and large hailstorms are relentless in the damage they cause to Queensland vehicles.

To prepare your vehicle this storm season.  Get Ready Queensland have released a great booklet which includes a checklist on how to get your vehicle ready for the next natural disaster here.

When a severe weather warning is issued it pays to be prepared but unfortunately storms can happen anywhere and anytime. So, if you find yourself on the road when a storm hits, follow these great tips from Get Ready Queensland:

  • If you need to drive home during a severe storm or flood warning, check road conditions before heading out.
  • If you are caught on the road during a severe storm, turn on your headlights (low beam), maintain a safe following distance, use cold air to demist windscreens, avoid breaking suddenly, accelerating, or turning quickly, and use road line markings to stay in the middle of your lane.
  • If visibility is low or if you are uncomfortable driving in the conditions, pull over in a safe place, and with plenty of warning and ensure to turn on your hazard lights.

Credit to Get Ready Queensland.