Mackay Hailstorm Queensland Damage Repair

Double Trouble – The Mackay Hailstorm

In October 2021 North Queensland experienced The Mackay Hailstorm, with “Australian Record-sized” hailstones (BOM).

Bloomsbury and Yalboroo (North of Mackay) were the most affected areas by the hailstorm. The size of the hailstones and the velocity of how fast they were hitting the ground was astonishing. One resident from Bloomsbury picked up a hailstone that was over 14cm in size.

It was a very rare occurrence for North Queensland being hit by not one but two, back to back hailstorms. The last time a hailstorm was recorded in North Queensland was three years ago in Townsville.

ABC News interviewed a resident that was travelling through the hailstorm in Bloomsbury: Source: