Recent Hailstorms in Brisbane and Surrounding Areas

If you’re in Brisbane or the surrounding areas and want to stay informed about recent hailstorms, you’ve come to the right place. Keep an eye on this space for current Brisbane hail storm updates.

Location: South-East Queensland

Date: 28 September 2023

Intense storms are lashing Queensland’s south-east bringing rain, hail and lightning. While most weather stations recorded 10-20mm of rainfall, Brisbane Airport experienced flight delays due to safety concerns from lightning strikes, affecting approximately 35 flights within a one-hour period. Additionally, about 11,000 homes in Queensland lost power temporarily, though services were restored later in the evening. The weather system, including hail in various suburbs, offers hope for firefighters dealing with local fires. The “prepare-to-leave” warning for Flagstone near Jimboomba was downgraded after a tense night for residents.