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If you’re in Toowoomba or the surrounding areas and want to stay informed about recent Toowoomba hail storms, you’ve come to the right place. Keep an eye on this space for current hail storm updates.

Date: 8 September 2023

A severe storm with locally large hail has rapidly developed and directly impacted Top Camp, South of Toowoomba this afternoon. The storm caused various damage, including ripped-off roofs, fallen trees, and hail in the Nanango area. The storm brought heavy rain, minor damage, and a blackout, affecting various locations in the region. The storm, which struck before 5:00 pm, resulted in mostly pea-sized hail and left hail on the ground the following morning.

Date: 7 April 2023

Severe storms with giant hail, destructive winds, and heavy rainfall hit parts of south-east Queensland on Friday. The storms brought intense thunderstorms to Brisbane and surrounding areas, with hailstones up to 11cm in size and wind gusts reaching 104kph recorded. These storms also prompted severe thunderstorm warnings for various regions, including central Queensland, but they were later downgraded. Emergency services responded to 23 jobs, primarily related to leaky roofs in Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast. While the stormy conditions were widespread across the east coast of Australia, it was expected to ease by Easter Sunday, with more settled conditions forecasted.

Date: 14 February 2023

Severe thunderstorms hit parts of south-east Queensland, with large hailstones observed near Toowoomba, including hail up to 5cm in size at Kingsthorpe and flash flooding in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast. The storm led to power outages for thousands of Energex customers in Brisbane, Logan, and the Sunshine Coast. Over 205,000 lightning strikes were recorded in south-east Queensland, and the Bureau of Meteorology warned that more storms with the potential for flash flooding, heavy rain, damaging winds, and large hailstones were developing. While storms brought cooler temperatures, heavy rainfall remained the primary hazard.

Date: 16 January 2022

A major clean-up is underway in Toowoomba’s city centre after an overnight storm brought half a meter of hail and flooding to the region, causing damage to businesses. The storm was described as intense and unexpected, with hail and heavy rainfall causing significant damage, and the Bureau of Meteorology warned of more storms in the region.

Date: 18 October 2021

Severe thunderstorms hit parts of Queensland’s coast, with the Bureau of Meteorology confirming a tornado near Pittsworth, southwest of Toowoomba. The storms, which brought destructive winds and large hail, affected areas from Mackay to the south-east corner and were expected to impact regions such as the Lockyer Valley due to a warm, humid air mass and an upper trough.

Date: 11 May 2021

Fast-moving storms brought significant hail and up to 60 millimetres of rain per hour to parts of southern Queensland overnight, particularly affecting areas west of Brisbane including Toowoomba. The Bureau of Meteorology reported large hail near Wellcamp, in Toowoomba, and Helidon in the Lockyer Valley, with more storms forecasted for the south-east before the weather systems move offshore.

Date: 11 October 2019

A brief storm brought hail and rain to south-east Queensland, including pea-sized hail in southern Brisbane, Logan, and around Toowoomba, with no reports of damage. The Bureau of Meteorology forecasted more wet weather for the afternoon and evening, with rainfall recorded across various locations and another rain front moving eastwards later in the day.

Date: 24 October 2018

Residents of Toowoomba experienced a severe thunderstorm with wild wind, lightning, and “serious hail,” including hailstones about 3cm in size in the CBD and surrounding areas. The storm, which hit just before 7:30pm, led to the cancellation of the storm warning for the Toowoomba region after 8pm, but more severe storms were forecasted for the following day.

Date: 21 October 2018

Severe storms in south-east Queensland caused flash flooding, downed power lines and trees, and led to power outages in over 5,000 homes, particularly affecting Toowoomba with wind gusts up to 106 kilometres per hour. The Bureau of Meteorology issued warnings for damaging winds, large hail, and heavy rain, with the storms bringing significant rainfall to the Darling Downs and hail the size of golf balls in some areas.

Date: 12 January 1976

A severe storm hit Toowoomba, with gale force winds combining with large hail stones, resulting in widespread damage to the community. It lasted about 15 minutes, damaging over 1,500 houses and taking a shattering path across the southern end of the city and the eastern range area. The Insurance Council of Australia estimated the 1976 damage at $12 million, with the 2011 estimated normalised cost of $282 million.