What to Do After a Hailstorm Hits

In the aftermath of a hailstorm, the path to recovery can be challenging and often overwhelming. From dealing with damaged property to navigating insurance claims, the steps you take following a hailstorm are critical. Here are some of the steps you need to take to restore normalcy after a hailstorm:

Immediate Steps Post-Hailstorm

Immediately after a hailstorm, the foremost priority is your safety. Stay indoors until it’s safe to go outside, and watch out for hazards like broken glass and slippery surfaces. If possible and safe, move your vehicle to a sheltered area to prevent further damage.

Understanding the unpredictability of hailstorms, our team at Platinum Hail Management Solutions (PHMS) is available around the clock to provide immediate assistance and guide you through the process.

Engaging with PHMS for Rapid Response

Reach out to us via phone, email, or through our website. Our contact details are prominently displayed for easy access. For immediate response.  Or, fill out a service request form on our website for a quick and streamlined approach to get in touch with our team.

Damage Assessment

At PHMS, our team of skilled technicians utilises their expertise to conduct a thorough evaluation of your hail-damaged vehicle. We employ advanced tools and techniques to accurately assess the extent of the damage. This includes the use of specialised lighting and dent measurement instruments. Our technicians document every detail of the damage, which not only aids in the repair process but also supports your insurance claim.

Navigating Insurance Claims with PHMS’s Assistance

PHMS acts as a liaison between you and your insurance company, ensuring that the claims process is as seamless as possible. We maintain open and efficient communication with insurance providers, helping to expedite the claims process. Our team advocates for your best interests, ensuring that you receive the full benefit of your insurance coverage.

Comprehensive Repair Services

PHMS is renowned for its exceptional repair services catering to vehicles damaged by hail. Our array of services is meticulously designed to address the full spectrum of hail-related damages, ranging from superficial dents to more severe structural impairments. We are committed to restoring your vehicle to its original condition, ensuring that it returns to you in top-notch shape.

Our Emergency Hail Repair Centres, strategically located across Australia, are a testament to our commitment to providing rapid and quality services. These centres are equipped to manage a high volume of repairs without compromising on quality. Set up swiftly in the wake of significant hail events, they are a cornerstone of our promise to deliver efficient and effective repair services.

Employ Preventative Measures

We at PHMS not only repair but also educate our clients on how to best prepare for hail seasons. This includes practical advice on protective measures like using covers, parking tips to shield against hail, and staying updated with weather forecasts. Such proactive measures can greatly reduce the potential for hail damage.

Expert Hail Damage Solutions

To reach PHMS for any hail damage enquiries or services, clients are encouraged to contact us through various channels, including phone, email, and our website. Our dedicated team is always ready to provide assistance and guide you through our range of services. Additionally, PHMS offers resources on hailstorm preparedness and protection, further supporting our commitment to comprehensive client care and service. Contact us today for all of your hail damage needs!