Q&A with PHMS Directors – Operations and Team Culture

Platinum Hail Management Solutions are the industry leaders in hail dent repair and an independent, Australian-owned, and operated company. Platinum Hail Management Solutions pride themselves on providing the highest levels of customer service coupled with high quality repairs performed at a competitive price.

Terry and Robert, the Directors of Platinum Hail have worked together for 25 years and have over 50 years combined experience within the Motor Repair Trade and Insurance Industry.  They are committed to ensuring all employees – technical and support – are always up to date with the latest in PDR technologies, training methods and focused on the Platinum Hail objectives for exceeding customer expectations in service and quality.

Recently, we interviewed the Platinum Hail Directors and wanted to share the Q&A with you.


What is your Team Culture like and how do you work so well together?

PHMS: We take pride in our culture which has proven to have created high standing values, staff morale and good work ethics.  We look for people who are willing to help others and are team players. Team meetings are held on a regular basis and we have an open-door policy to all staff members.


How have you gone with getting staff/ getting enough staff to facilitate the recent storm repairs? Were you concerned with not being able to fly specialists to Australia due to the pandemic?

PHMS: We have a large team of dedicated PDR Technicians and Panel Shop Specialists ready to go at a moment’s notice.  Most of our work is Queensland based and the size of the recent storm events only used up a small percentage of our Australian Specialist work force.


From the customer vehicle assessment stage, what is the timeframe (currently) until when the customer brings the car back in for repair?

PHMS: Booking customers for assessment began in early December 2020 with the first vehicles being repaired and delivered back to the Members before Christmas, however time frames vary greatly due to numerous reasons.  On average 4-6 weeks from Assessment to repairs commencing and we always try to accommodate any customer who needs their vehicle repaired quickly.


Have you received a lot of conventional work out of the Halloween 2020 storm?

PHMS: YES, we did.  Due to the severity of the storm a large percentage of the vehicles require some form of conventional repairs.


How do you maintain a high quality of repairs?

PHMS: Staff are trained in all the latest techniques and tooling and we have designated quality inspection points throughout the repair process.

Platinum Hail treats every vehicle as if it were their own, the final inspection point is within our specially designed Light Inspection Tunnels and ensuring a quality product and that our customers are happy.


At PHMS we pride ourselves not only on providing the highest levels of customer service coupled with high-quality repairs for a competitive price, but also specialising in rapid response to weather events – specifically relating to hailstorms – for insurance companies across Australia.

If you have any questions regarding PHMS and the services we provide, please contact our friendly team on 1300 076 717.