PHMS Customer Story – Klaus

AFTER South-East Queensland’s Halloween hailstorm, Klaus Axmann thought he had a ghost of a chance of keeping his work schedule and having his damaged dual cab ute repaired.  That was until he met the team at PHMS.

His Ford Ranger was severely damaged, with hailstone dents in the bonnet, left and right door, the turret, and front guards.

As the owner of Gold Coast-based Awning Designs and Patios, Klaus knew the hailstorm also meant he would be flat out responding to customers’ pleas for help in dealing with their homes’ exterior damage.

He simply could not afford to have his own car taken off the road for even a day. Repairing hail-damaged awnings and patio roofs with a hail-damaged vehicle, is not particularly a good look either.

“With all the storms we had, I was affected with my car and now with all the storm damage with patio and roofs … that’s the reason I was quite desperate to get my car done,” he recalls.

The nine storm cells that lashed an area from Wide Bay in the north, south to the Gold Coast including Logan and west to Ipswich in the afternoon on October 31 – also State Election Day – brought with it massive hailstones, the size of tennis balls in some areas.

With a weekend off, Klaus was at home at Upper Coomera at the northern end of the Gold Coast at the time, with his vehicle being in its usual place in the driveway.

He had no other option to save it from the elements and it copped the brunt of the hailstorm.

Only a week earlier, the RACQ Insurance customer had had his one free annual windscreen replacement after the car’s windscreen was damaged. He had his fingers crossed the windscreen would be spared this time.

In the days following, he was in contact with PHMS and, within a week, a company representative had done an inspection and organised a damage estimate.

“The weird thing is, they put these special blue lights over the whole car and you see everything,” Klaus said of the inspection.  “They don’t miss anything. The lights really point out much more than I could see with my eyes, which was a good thing.”


In the end, the windscreen was fine and the bodywork dents were able to be repaired with PHMS’s non-evasive “massaging” from the inside because the paintwork hadn’t been affected.

Klaus was over the moon when a call from PHMS assured him all the work could be done over the weekend, so he wouldn’t have any downtime with his business.

They called and said, “We’ll be there to pick up the car at 9 o’clock” (by RACQ Towing)’.  “They were here at 9 o’clock,” Klaus remembers.

“Then the phone call on Sunday to say they would drop the car off between 3.00 pm and 4.00 pm.  One of the business owners from PHMS personally drove my car back to my place.”

“I got my car fixed and I didn’t lose any working days, which was important.  It was good communication.”

“I know this from my clients as well.  We need to get their feedback.  It’s always good. I appreciate it.”

Klaus is also a keen cyclist, putting his road bike in the back of his ute and meeting up with a small group of friends every Saturday morning for a 30km ride.  He was grateful the pick-up time also didn’t interfere with his weekly social exercise.

As a fellow businessman, Klaus has no hesitation in recommending the services of PHMS because the company exceeded his expectations.

“Absolutely!  They are really good.  A very good service.”


Platinum Hail Management Solutions prides itself not only on providing the highest levels of customer service coupled with high-quality repairs for a competitive price, but also on specialising in rapid response to weather events – specifically relating to hail storms – for insurance companies across Australia.

While south-east Queensland is Platinum Hail Management Solutions home state, PHMS establishes dedicated Emergency Hail Catastrophe Repair Centres throughout Australia when needed – fast!

With skilled staff, capabilities and specialised equipment, Platinum Hail Management Solutions manages the entire hail repair process from end-to-end.

The whole Platinum Hail Management Solutions team feels a great sense of pride, achievement and satisfaction seeing hail-damaged vehicles repaired and waiting to be collected. Receiving customer feedback and thanks for a job well done is icing on the cake.

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