PHMS Customer Story – Anne

On October 30 last year, Anne and her family from the Gold Coast went to Burleigh Heads for a day at the beach.  Unbeknown to them, the Bureau of Meteorology had placed a warning that storms were to hit the South East and could be life-threatening.

By mid-afternoon, the sky had turned very dark and scary. Anne and her family decided it best to hit the highway for home.

Ten minutes from home at the Helensvale exit of the M1, the storm hit.  Anne says of the ordeal: “Suddenly we heard thundering on the roof of the car and could see happy balls of ice bouncing all over the road.  Being on the highway, we couldn’t turn around so we literally drove through the hailstorm.  We bore a significant amount of the hail as there was nowhere to shelter.”

Anne’s 2019 Honda HRV was peppered all over by hailstones.  A spidery crack appeared on her windscreen but fortunately this didn’t interfere with her view of the road and she was able to drive the family home safely parking her car in the garage.

It was only later she could see the full damage.  She says:

“When I had a look, hail dents were everywhere and the windscreen was cracked”.   Thankfully the car was still roadworthy and driveable”.

She contacted RACQ and was referred to PHMS at Loganholme for assessment.  Anne says: “I was anticipating a very long wait but the operation was very smooth – it was like a conveyer belt system.  I was really impressed.  Based on the number of vehicles, I thought it would be hours, but the initial assessment was about half an hour.  They looked over the car and figured out what was needed to be done and if they needed additional services.  The process was explained in detail to me and I was given the first available option for repair, which was in January.  I was told that as my car was driveable, urgent issues came first and I completely understood.  I was told if I had any difficulty, I was to contact them.  The windscreen was separate but the lady at PHMS gave me contact details for RACQ Auto Glass.”

When the January repair appointment came around, Anne was informed of every step of the process which gave her peace of mind. As Anne had comprehensive insurance, PHMS organised car rental for her.   Anne recalls: “I didn’t have to ask any questions, the folk there explained everything. They would have to smooth out each dent individually and they had a scanner – like a giant body scanner for a car, it was pretty cool to watch.”

Overall, Anne was ecstatic about the PHMS repairs and their readiness to go above and beyond in service.

She later wrote: “Everyone was so polite, professional and patient.  This is the best car service experience I have ever had.”

Anne says, absolutely without a doubt, she would recommend PHMS to others and explains:

“They told me the repairs would take about a week but it was completed in about three days.  I was so happy.  After I dropped the car off, they arranged a taxi to take me to Europcar to collect the rental.  When I returned to pick up my Honda, I accidentally went directly to PHMS rather than dropping off the rental car.  When I apologised they said it wasn’t a problem and proceeded to call Europcar to come and collect the rental.  PHMS thanked me for the business and said they had given my car a complimentary wash, vacuum and detailed the interior.  I’ve worked in PR and customer service for years and it takes a lot to impress me.  I was really impressed.”



Platinum Hail Management Solutions prides itself not only on providing the highest levels of customer service coupled with high-quality repairs for a competitive price, but also on specialising in rapid response to weather events – specifically relating to hail storms – for insurance companies across Australia.

While south-east Queensland is Platinum Hail Management Solutions home state, PHMS establishes dedicated Emergency Hail Catastrophe Repair Centres throughout Australia when needed – fast!

With skilled staff, capabilities and specialised equipment, Platinum Hail Management Solutions manages the entire hail repair process from end-to-end.

The whole Platinum Hail Management Solutions team feels a great sense of pride, achievement and satisfaction seeing hail-damaged vehicles repaired and waiting to be collected. Receiving customer feedback and thanks for a job well done is icing on the cake.

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