PHMS Customer Story – Peter

THE last thing returning officer Peter. M needed on State Election Day 2020, was a hail-damaged car.

With 100 staff during the election period, and all the responsibility that comes with overseeing the counting of votes at his local electoral base, he had more pressing items on his mind than leaving his 2016 Toyota Camry open to the elements in a nearby car park.

As the storm clouds closed in on Saturday, October 31, with no safe haven for his car, Peter was helpless to prevent any ensuing damage.


“There was nowhere I could go,” the Runcorn resident recalls.

“My car was out in the car park being peppered by hail. Short and sharp for about 10 minutes. A very quick hailstorm. The hailstones weren’t large but there were many of them. There wasn’t a great deal I could do.”


The car sustained quite a bit of surface damage to the bonnet, boot lid and other panels from the hail, making Peter the ideal candidate for the specialist services of Platinum Hail Management Solutions (PHMS).

After contacting his insurer RACQ Insurance, the repair process for his white Camry sedan was seamless.– even with dozens of other vehicles filling the PHMS dedicated Emergency Hail Catastrophe Repair Centre at Loganholme.

“It was quite straightforward,” Peter remembers.

“They didn’t have to do any paintwork at all.  They just took all the trim out of the car and pressed the dents out.  I was received very quickly.  They explained to me the whole process and what had to be done.  They explained how long it would take, which was very good, and they kept in touch.  Some of the parts were hard to get because of Covid and the interstate transport problems but they kept me fully informed about that through several phone calls.”

PHMS’s Paintless Dent Removal process uses specialised hand tools and techniques to gently massage the damage from inside the panel – leaving the manufacturer’s original paintwork intact.

Using the PHMS Light Inspection Tunnel, the specialists were able to capture all the dents that needed to be repaired at assessment – even uncovering some dents on the boot and around the trim that were not immediately visible to the naked eye.

To lessen any inconvenience, PHMS staff called Peter to pick up the car just over a week of him driving into the Loganholme facility.

The arrival of chrome trim for around the doors had been delayed, but once these parts arrived, the operation to fit them took only another 15 minutes.

Until that fateful polling day storm, Peter had never heard of PHMS or its hail repair service. He is grateful for their well-orchestrated campaign to get him back on the road and dent-free.

The bonus was the spotless cleaning job inside and out on the newly repaired vehicle.

As a result, PHMS has Peter’s vote as an outstanding service provider.

He took the time to write to the company to express his gratitude for a job well done:

“Just a few words to express my thanks and appreciation to PHMS for the excellent job done on repairing hail damage to my car.

The car was returned to me as good as new, free from dents, and sparkling clean inside and out.

Communication with the company was very good, and (employee) James kept me informed at each step of the way, as the work was done, and parts ordered and fitted. The quality of the work done says much for the calibre of your staff and for your company’s recruitment and training processes. I hope my car will not be hail-damaged again. But, if it is, I know that PHMS is the place to go.”



Platinum Hail Management Solutions prides itself not only on providing the highest levels of customer service coupled with high-quality repairs for a competitive price, but also on specialising in rapid response to weather events – specifically relating to hail storms – for insurance companies across Australia.

While south-east Queensland is Platinum Hail Management Solutions home state, PHMS establishes dedicated Emergency Hail Catastrophe Repair Centres throughout Australia when needed – fast!

With skilled staff, specialised equipment and years of experience, Platinum Hail Management Solutions manages the entire hail repair process from end-to-end.

The entire team at  Platinum Hail Management Solutions feels a great sense of pride, achievement and satisfaction seeing hail-damaged vehicles repaired and waiting to be collected. Receiving customer feedback and thanks for a job well done is the icing on the cake.

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