PHMS Customer Story – Steve

HALLOWEEN 2020 had no treats for the residents of Ipswich and surrounds.  In fact a devastating hailstorm left serious hailstone damage to their properties and vehicles.

Visiting Springfield as a carer for people with disabilities, Steve. K had no chance of saving his beloved 2012 Mazda 2 hatchback from harm’s way, which was left parked outside his client’s house.

“The storm was unbelievable, the worst since the eight years I’ve lived in the area,” Steve said.  “It came down so unbelievably hard and fast that the text message I actually received from the weather bureau came after all of it had smashed through.  I didn’t get a chance to move my car. There was nothing I could do about it at all. The hailstones were easily the size of tennis balls; some bigger than that. They were massive.”

Steve’s car had damage to the roof, the bonnet and a huge dent in the panels that connect the bonnet to the roof on the driver’s side door.

Thankfully, a silver lining finally came when he was blown away by the repair job of Platinum Hail Management Solutions (PHMS).

This company is absolutely state-of-the-art,” he wrote in a comment to the company.

He says, “The customer service was absolutely impeccable.  I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone who has ever been affected by hail damage.

The damage bill after the storm was estimated at $800 million, with approx 12,000 claims to private cars, and Platinum Hail Management Solutions has been responsible for repairing a large percentage of these claims.

Steve initially took his car to another repairer through Mazda, however the mechanic said the damage was so severe, Steve should contact his RACQ Insurance provider.

Steve remembered, “He said to me, ‘The damage is that bad, you’ll have to go through RACQ. What I would charge you would be way more than your excess’.”

Steve went on to say “I was unbelievably grateful for that because I wouldn’t have had a clue. I called RACQ and then had to book in appointment time to take my car in to PHMS.”

The car was put under the special “CSI-style” PHMS Custom Light Inspection Tunnel at the dedicated Emergency Hail Catastrophe Repair Centre at Loganholme, so the PHMS skilled specialists were able to capture all the dents that needed to be repaired at assessment.

His mind was put at ease then and there: “They said, ‘We’ll fix everything.  Anything we can find, we’ll fix it up’.”

Steve said, “Because of RACQ insurance coverage, I got a hire car for technically two weeks, but my car was fixed literally within five days, which I did not see coming.  I was blown away by that.”

He finished by saying, “When I got it back from PHMS, I was looking for dents. I felt so stupid. The way they fixed it you wouldn’t know there was ever a problem in the first place.  They were absolutely incredible.”