PHMS Customer Story – Marcia

EVERYONE’S heard of the calm before the storm. But it’s nice to know there can also be calm after the storm.

At least that’s how Marcia feels after her 2015 blue Toyota Corolla Hatchback was damaged on October 31 last year but then underwent a seamless repair process through Platinum Hail Management Solutions (PHMS).

She was so grateful that she was moved to write to the company in appreciation: “Just wanted to say a big thank you for the job your team has done on my car. I’m thrilled to bits. It looks fabulous.”

The Boronia Heights resident counts her blessings that the suburb was only on the edge of the violent hailstorm that hit that day: the 2020 State Election Polling Day.

“But it still caught us out and we didn’t get time to put the car undercover,” she said.

The car was parked outside her unit, and the height of the unit block protected the vehicle to some extent, or it could have been a lot worse.

Still, the Corolla sustained a significant dent in the rear of the roof and several smaller ones, as well as dents on the bonnet. Due to the tennis-ball size of the hail, a couple of the doors were dented where the hail hit the kerb and bounced back into the car.

The roof dents caused by the hailstorm on October 31, 2020, | The size of the hailstones.

Marcia had never heard of PHMS until after the storm when her insurer, RACQ, referred her to the company for the repairs.

Any concerns she may have had about her vehicle returning to its former glory evaporated the moment she drove into the PHMS dedicated Emergency Hail Catastrophe Repair Centre at Loganholme.

“The experience from the time I pulled into the centre was outstanding.  The process was very streamlined. They had a TV going with a recording showing you the entire process in the waiting area. The staff were helpful, cheerful and informative.”

While some of the dents needed minor attention, the whole of the roof had to be worked on – all gently massaged from the inside using PHMS’s Paintless Dent Removal process that leaves the manufacturer’s original paintwork intact.

Marcia, who works full-time in healthcare payroll and accounts, was grateful for the efficient repair service that gave her peace of mind after the fury the hailstorm unleashed.

“I would like to thank the very friendly, courteous staff,” she said of her experience with PHMS.

“They requested the car for four weeks, informed me in Week 2 or 3 that they had delays in the workshop and would be in touch, and I had the car back the following week.  The car was returned on a tow truck to my home – the driver was the nicest person to deal with.  Alana (of PHMS) has always been very helpful and prompt at getting back to me. I would recommend them to anyone. They did everything they said they would and more.

Marcia’s Toyota Corolla is as good as new again, following the PHMS repair service.